So I woke up this morning to a zip. file in my inbox. Turns out it was BLUES soon to be released album GoodLuck/GodSpeed. BLUES opens the album showcasing his verbal dexterity letting all of the listeners know he’s in complete control and his I don’t give a fuck unless I give a fuck posturing resonates heavily throughout certain tracks.

Underground music is rife with high expectations and this project fulfills all of them. When I first opened the file I noticed there was a jpg. with instructions on how to listen to the album and personally I loved that, It shows how much he put into this and exactly what he wants us to take from it; influence. BLUES rarely strays from themes of life, ego and enlightenment even on tracks when he brings gravitas he sticks to his way. Chock full of snappy and soothing production by the likes of ghostNghoul, Purrp, Raw Rilla, Malachi, Prometheus, Math, Saint F, Ak, EdZilla, and RedPill. The album is set to drop late September early October and it will definitely be something yall wont want to miss so keep an eye out.

GoodLuck__GodSpeed tracklist


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