If you would have told me in 2012 that in 2016 that Frank Ocean would be the reclusive artist whose album I would have thirsted over and The Weeknd would be a worldwide superstar, I would have told you that you are crazy. Crazy enough that in 2016 that is the truth.

I have waited for this frank ocean album for a very long time. Like a very


time. With the wild weekend that just happened for everything Frank Ocean related, here is the definitive for Frank Ocean’s Blonde or Blond whatever you want to call it.

Frank is a man of many talents. He can write, he can rap, he can produce some amazing records. It is no surprise that strictly sonically speaking this is one of the most unique sounding things that have ever graced my ear drums. However, Frank gets by with a little help with his friends. If you haven’t seen the laundry list of people who helped on this beautiful album. I will give you a few highlights. Beyoncé, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, Pharrel Williams, James Blake, Jamie XX, Kendrick Lamar. Just to name a few of course.

This album is defiantly the album that will be Frank Ocean’s magnum opus. This is album was a tremendous step forward for the 28-year-old artist. At times the album sounds chaotic. The beginning to Pretty Sweet sounds about as chaotic as a Death Grips song but ends up making sense in the context that it is put in, after the hyper aggressive Solo (reprise),. Everything on this album is very cohesive. The songs perfectly transition within each other. If you have crossfade on your phone it all sounds like a very long single song.

It is no secret that Frank Ocean is bi sexual. With this sexual ambiguity, it helps him take tremendous step forward with his song writing. This album is almost completely void of all pronouns. The words he, she, him, and her are almost completely absent from this album outside of a few examples. In the lead single Nikes, Frank wears his sexuality on his sleeve with end of the song.

“You got a roommate he’ll hear what we do. It’s only awkward if you’re fucking him too.”

This implies that either Frank is stealing a girl from someone or it is more likely that Frank is sleeping with another male in this situation. The reason that can be implied is because it’s highly unlikely for a female to have a male roommate unless they are dating. In Solo, Frank says she but it is in reference to a baby momma as a she is the worst type deal. With this style of writing it makes it a much more personal album. It makes it much more relatable in the grand scheme of things. Every time Frank says “you” there is a person that immediately jumps to your mind. That is why this album is so good it’s because Frank Ocean took an already winning formula and added even more amazing things to it.

I can say that for me the album still has the same staying power as it did on my first listen. This album is really brilliant. Upon deep listening, it’s clear that the wait was really worth it. This is a definitely a candidate for album of the year and this album will go down as one of the greatest albums of our generation.


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