jg. is a 20 year old artist out of Connecticut that I hadn’t heard until of until very recently, when his newest project play this at my funeral. came across my feed after receiving high praise from fellow CT artist and Brockhampton member Dom McLennon. After one listen through, I knew this was the type of under-the-radar project that should not be ignored. jg.’s poetic lyricism is top notch; his rapping style is extremely reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar, especially on songs such as “no peace” and the gripping outro “bugsy4ever”, an emotional dedication to a close friend gone too soon. play this at my funeral. contains no features, but jg. makes this work by flipping from rapping to singing, and putting forth songs with a variety of themes and sounds. In a note released alongside the project, jg. says “when you die, they say your whole life flashes before you. cherish those memories and pray they live eternally.” play this at my funeral is a cohesive collection of these flashes, resulting in a compelling release.

Listen Below:




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