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BLUES – GoodLuck/GodSpeed [Album Revi...

Sep 15, 2013No Comments926 Views

So I woke up this morning to a zip. file in my inbox. Turns out it was BLUES soon to be released album GoodLuck/GodSpeed. BLUES

The Weeknd – Kiss Land (Review)

Sep 10, 2013No Comments692 Views

Cold, concrete streets and clouded, ghostly buildings dot a city abandoned by all but a few. Neon lights, billboards, and posters flicker, tear, and fall

Big Sean – Hall Of Fame (Review)

Aug 26, 2013No Comments749 Views

While the Key Wane-produced track “Nothing Is Stopping You” serves as a sensible intro to Big Sean’s sophomore album Hall of Fame, retelling the now-notorious

Show Review: Wiz Khalifa & More Live In...

Aug 10, 2013No Comments755 Views

Review by Lloyd Ellis: Follow @trillerlloyd An artist’s lyrical ability only goes so far when they have fans to perform for, and Wiz Khalifa sure

Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights (Review)

Jul 03, 2013No Comments653 Views

Two bikes lean against a predominately textureless tree at the base of a small pond in Prospect Park, located in Brooklyn. The moon, distantly visible

YONAS – The Transition 2 (Review)

Jun 30, 2013No Comments948 Views

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of conducting a review of any album/mixtape unless my jaw is dropped at the end of my thorough listen,

Travi$ Scott – Owl Pharaoh (Review)

May 23, 2013No Comments564 Views

Watching an artist grow to something extraordinary is always a once in a lifetime thing, and in this case I give you Houston native Travi$

Hi-Rez – Impatiently Waiting (Review)

May 02, 2013No Comments1326 Views

Our broham Hi-Rez has been making major moves as of late in attempt to emerge onto everyone’s playlist, and he’s just about there. Could his

Cory Jreamz – Vague Current Vivid Fat...

Dec 04, 2012No Comments412 Views

It seems as if Houston is a hot spot for up-n-coming artists, and the standout from the numerous amounts is 18 year old Cory Jreamz.

Meek Mill – Dreams & Nightmares (...

Oct 30, 2012No Comments318 Views

Holy. Crap. I honestly don’t know if I can skip to the next track on Meek Mill‘s Dreams & Nightmares, each track is phenomenal. The