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Malachiae Warren is currently one of the most promising young acts out of the ever-evolving and buzzing Atlanta music scene. The singer has songs with fellow Atlanta artists such as Migos and Skooly, and has racked up well over 1 million plays just on SoundCloud alone. He is also notably working heavily with storied producer Jasper Cameron, who has helped spark the careers of artists such as FutureAugust AlsinaTinashe and more, and has worked with heavyweights such as Lil WayneTLC, and Young Jeezy. Needless to say, Malachiae is poised for a big break through. This afternoon, I had the opportunity to speak with him on everything from how he first got started in music, to his inspirational #LoveLife movement.

Check out the interview below:

To start off, I know you come from a family with an extensive musical background. Can you tell us some more about that and how it has influenced your music? 

My family is very musically inclined; musically talented you know, so not to say it was forced upon me because it flows naturally, but me getting into music early helped me pursue it more at a serious level. So that definitely had a major role in me being here today.

When was it that you realized music was something you wanted to make into a career? 

When the girls started saying they wanted to hear me sing, that’s when I got into it. I had done a video on YouTube, a sketch comedy or something like that, and at the end of the video I sung a little bit, just playing around letting people know I could sing a little bit. The next day I checked the comments and seen a whole bunch of girls going crazy so I was like “damn y’all really goin crazy over this!” Then a couple months later, I did a talent show at my school and the reaction I got from that from the girls was great too, so they kinda pushed me to pursue music a little bit more.

Over the years, how has your music style developed and progressed?

Well the single I have right now is called “Minute Made.” My first single was “Thank Yo Mama,” but “Minute Made” is a bit of a new sound from my first single. I wrote that (“Thank Yo Mama”) about 3 years ago, so naturally the sound is going to evolve because of things I go through in life and different experiences. I’m getting older now so I have more things to talk about. But on the record I have now, it’s just talking about a bad female who has confidence and knows what she wants. To have the “minute made” is like to have the flavor, have the juice, have the swag.

What are some of your goals as your career moves forward?

Really just to keep progressing and keep growing musically, and just as a young man in life. I definitely want to start touring crazy, selling out my own shows. That’s my main goal right now, to sell out my own shows.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations, and who are some artists you would really like to work with in the future?

Well me being from Atlanta, of course I gotta shout out the greats from Atlanta like Monica, Lloyd, Usher, Ludacris, people of that nature. It would be dope to work with them. I always looked up to Brian McKnight, he’s one of my favorite vocalists of all time, and I also look up to a lot of hip-hop artists. You know, the Futures, the Drakes, even the greats like Jay-Z, Tupac, people of that nature.

You’ve been collaborating with some of Atlanta’s hottest artists right now such as Migos and Skooly…how did these collabs come together?

Well you know everybody in Atlanta, if you from here, you pretty much know everybody and run into everybody. So I feel like it’s just us knowing that we’re all from Atlanta, just supporting people, the movement, supporting each other’s growth, supporting each other’s careers, and that’s how it came about. Even if we didn’t meet each other, just you know…through our management somebody knows somebody. So either they get it put together, or we come face to face and are like we wanna do a song together. Like I said, everybody knows everybody, so it just depends on how it all works out.

I know you have a movement called #LoveLife, could you tell us some more about that?

Ya, Love Life is something that me and my main producer Jasper Cameron collaborated on. It’s basically something that we just wanted to give out to people. Its self explanatory, the idea is anything you do in life you put forth your best effort. It doesn’t just go for music, or anything in particular; in general it’s about just loving your life and bringing positivity, especially for the youth. I feel like we’re so easily influenced by the Internet, and music, even celebrities and things of that nature. But Love Life is really just about promoting more so the positive side of things.

You talked about your main producer Jasper Cameron who I know you work heavily with. Can you tell us some about what your creation process is like in the studio?

My creation process is really dependent on the mood I’m feeling that day. It’s just dependent on what I’m going through, what I’m thinking about; my minds always racing so when I’m in the studio I go off of my feelings and emotions at that time, whether its about a girl, family, friends…it all depends on how I’m feeling at the moment

If you had to choose one song of yours for people who have never heard of you to check out, what would it be?

The song I’m pushing now, Minute Maid. Like we were talking about earlier, my sound has just evolved and I’ve definitely grown as an artist musically and in general, just as a young man in life. I feel like that song really gives people a feel for the space I’m in now and what type of music I’m making.

What can we expect this summer from Malachiae?

Just growth, just me continuing to grind and show my face and network with people. Like I said, I wanna go on tour and see my fans face to face, hopefully some hit records you know what I’m sayin! You know, just keep grinding, keep pushing, and keep creating great music.

Finally, what makes you Triller Than Most?

I’m just me. I don’t try to follow trends man, I try to set trends. I don’t try to be like anybody else, I stay in my own lane. I just do me to the best of my ability. What I go through is what I go through. My life journey and my life experiences are different from everybody else’s. That’s what makes me trill.


Malachiae Warren’s music is available across all streaming services, and you can follow him on twitter HERE.

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