There’s no doubting that the Canadian music scene is flourishing with impeccable talent right now as Drake, The Weeknd and others continue to top the charts. JAHKOY is the latest to blossom into that circuit. Last week, we had the opportunity to get on a phone call with the Toronto native to discuss his new album Foreign Water, artists who’ve impacted his craft, and more. It’s hard to boast original music in such an oversaturated industry, but JAHKOY executes his art with genuine passion to ensure he breaks boundaries with each release. It’s refreshing to see an artist with such undeniable strive to conquer. Read our entire conversation below.

TTM: To start off, you just released your album Foreign Water, can you explain the meaning behind the title ?

JAHKOY: When I first started my career I was very mysterious and people didn’t know where I was from or really much about me, It’s like one of those things that people ask most often,
“where are you from?,” and it was always a thing where once I told them that I was from Toronto, the first thing that instantly popped into their mind was to tell me that there must be something in the water. I used that as a play on words for my project title so that people know that there’s this foreign water in Canada that people don’t know about. Canadian music is taking over.

TTM: For sure.

JAHKOY: I’m just basically telling everybody that it’s honestly amazing to be a part of this new discovery in Canadian music and seeing the spotlight that Toronto has right now. It’s really cool to be a part of that experience.

TTM: “California Heaven” is a stand-out record on your album, how’d you end up getting ScHoolboy Q as a feature?

JAHKOY: I literally had the record on my own, and I felt like it would be cool to get somebody from California to co-sign the record and make it more hip-hop and exciting. R&B and hip-hop collaborations have always been something I grew up listening to in music, so it’s like I wanted to deliver my perspective on a hip-hop and R&B collaboration. I wanted to do it with someone that was in California who would potentially co-sign the record, and my A&R had reached out to these camps and sent out the records to play for them. It was crazy because two days later we had heard back about ScHoolboy loving the record and within that same week he had done the verse. We figured that it would be a perfect fit considering how excited he was about the record, and ever since it’s been so fun. I’m so glad that we got to do that.

TTM: Without a doubt, that’s a great look and an amazing record.

JAHKOY: Thank you, I appreciate it.

TTM: 2016 has been a good year for albums, including Foreign Water. What are some of your favorite albums from other artists that have released so far this year?

JAHKOY: It’d have to be Kanye West’s PABLO. It had different elements, you know, bringing something fresh and exciting to the table. What I love most about Kanye is that he always comes with a fresh new experience on his albums, and that’s what makes an artist, an artist. It’s like, if a painter always painted the same painting all the time, he wouldn’t really be an artist, he’d just be the guy that painted that cool, one painting.

TTM: Who are some of the top influences to your music?

JAHKOY: Growing up I listened to a lot of Kanye West, Miguel, and others. Later on I started listening to Rihanna, she’s a really dope artist. The things she does is phenomenal, she’s able to travel the world and appeal to different audiences that there are in this industry.

TTM: How has traveling to different places impacted your craft?

JAHKOY: Traveling so often while living out of a suitcase and meeting all these different people in different spaces and absorbing the different energies in the environments I’m seeing has taken a big toll on me. I’ve always wanted to travel to spread my message in a positive way and have everybody enjoy that experience, and now that I’m able to do that I’m able to reflect the relationships I’ve built along the way in my music. I’m happy I’m able to go through all these things and share with my fans, because I feel like everybody should be able see my perspective of things through my music.

TTM: What makes you Triller Than Most?

JAHKOY: I feel like the standards for music are really low right now, and a majority of people are listening to the same stuff. I want do something fresh and independent, so listeners are excited every time new music comes to the table.

Make sure to follow JAHKOY on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all releases and news. 2017 is looking bright for the young star and we look forward to witnessing his growth. Special thanks to Lucas and Max for facilitating this exclusive!


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