Pajama Jones Drops “Low Life” Flip

July 26, 2017

Pajama Jones, hailing from Verona, New Jersey exemplifies the myriad of art that can come out of four walls. It began on the classical piano around the age of 4. At such a young age, kids fall in love with candy, video games, and television- but others, like PJ, fell in love with the expressions and emotions of music. The piano in his living room transformed to keyboards on Abelton, fading him from his shoebox dorm room at Syracuse to the air of the east coast. Insanely enough, dorms rooms, Bird Library, and Schine Student Center served as the perfect high class studio grounds for creativity.

“I love when different genres collide to make something special,” PJ told us at Triller. “A lot of the music I love blends different styles, sounds, and influences…that’s what I tried to do with Low Life.”

It’s nearly impossible to box this sound into any specific category or lane. The most compelling painters use the most colors, and that’s what Pajama did with this remix. Taking the FBG x XO classic “Low Life” Pajama Jones splashes his own watermarks on the track, released exclusively via Triller Than Most. Follow Pajama Jones on IG, Soundcloud, & Twitter now for more music.



By K. High

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