Sage Williams – Pablito EP [Premier]

Today we are happy to bring you a new release from Birmingham’s Sage Williams, the Pablito EP. For this one Sage is doing something pretty unique and releasing this project as a sort of time capsule from his younger years. The tracks were created when Sage was between 14 and 16, when he was deeply involved with the now-dissolved internet collective Alive Since Forever. ASF has since shifted its way into the now budding Kevin Abstract led boy band Brockhampton. A younger Abstract appears as a feature on the project, along with Mic Kurb. Talking of the short EP, Sage says “Pablito EP is just a collection of some songs I did when I was younger, around 16. I just found a bunch of these and thought it’d be cool to put them out.” Looking into the future, Sage also gave us an update on his upcoming collaborative EP with Virtual Ghosts 6 Grams (it is going to go VERY hard, trust me I’ve heard some of it,) saying “6 grams is almost done, that’s coming soon. just trying to make sure everything is right.”

Listen to Pablito EP below:




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