TTM Exclusive: Interview With Cam Meekins

Interview With Cam Meekins

Back in late June, I had the chance to interview Boston’s very own Cam Meekins. The date was June 23rd, and I was visiting Boston with my good friends Aaron J-w and James Harding. I hit up Cam‘s manager Tim Larew inquiring about an interview with Meekins, and he was down. At this point, my excitement level rose 10 notches as I had to prepare a questionnaire. I quickly hopped on my phone and opened the notes and jotted down some simple questions (I’m no Nardwuar). Sunday came, and it was time to hop on a train into Boston to link with Cam and Tim. When we finally arrived there after a hassle with the confusing train system, I met some of the nicest people in the music industry. Cam, Tim, and their homie Alex Siber were all real humble dudes, and I was glad to kick it with them for a good hour. We started to head to Tim‘s crib, which is where we were going to conduct the interview, but my cameraman Zachary Obasiolu from Waffles After Class had no idea where we were located when commissioned to come to us. I left the group to spring to where we literally just were, at a McDonald’s across the bridge from Tim‘s to meet with Zach. I then was out of breath, and Zach said I should buy a Big Gulp from 7/11. I proceeded to purchase 52 ounces of Mtn Dew, and I chugged it all on the walk back to meet with Cam. The drink really hit me hard and made me jittery as hell, so that’s why I was so (um, awkward?) in the interview. When we arrived, we talked for a few minutes as I organized the questions, and then Zach hit record on my Canon t3i. After the interview came to a conclusion, we talked for a few minutes, and then we all went on our own ways. I managed to garner Alex‘s number, and since then we’ve built a really close relationship, and same goes to Cam and Tim as they made an appearance at TTM’s debut concert with YONAS two weeks later. I think I’ve written enough about my joyful day, so why don’t you witness what went down in front of the camera below? Make sure to catch Cam Meekins on tour with Shwayze, Jitta On The Track and others HERE.

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