TTM Exclusive: Killer Mike Talks About Smoking, His Grandmother, "Reagan" & More

TrillerThanMost was able to catch up with Killer Mike last Friday before his show at Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton, MA. During our interview (Shouts to Mike‘s manager, Joe, for making it happen), we were able to talk about how he starting making music, support from his grandmother, what it’s like having his birthday on 4-20, “Reagan” and more. YouTube is stupid and made the video copyrighted because I used a part of the music video for “Reagan”, so I had to put it on Vimeo. Interviewing Killer Mike was an experience of a lifetime, I hope to catch up with Mike in the near future, and maybe to even get a haircut at Graffiti’s SWAG! Watch my interview with this great below.

Intervew with Killer Mike from TrillerThanMostTV on Vimeo.

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