I really wasn’t going to do a Drake review but there is so much to say about the album. I couldn’t imagine comparing this album to anything else and it’s simply too early for me to come to a consensus after a few days. I’m not even going to lie, I skip all of the hard tracks on Views. I mean, I’ve come to acknowledge and like what he can do to harder tracks, but there is no way I would prefer hard Drake over soft Drake. The sedated side of this album is what captured me so much and that’s why almost all of my thoughts remain in that area. Speaking music though, I kind of wanted to just release some notes on this one out rather than critiquing. So this is what I had to say:

The first thing I noticed about the album was how smooth the production was. These were like “Tuscan Leather” beats; you couldn’t imagine hearing a relative beat anywhere else.

To be honest I was shocked not to see The Weeknd featured on Views. It was just something I expected and like the rest, it probably would’ve been sensational. Speaking of features, damn we knew that Future feature on Drake’s album was going to go hard. “Grammys” is raw and Future gave us a verse just clean enough for him to enhance the fact that he’s on top right now. I wish he went straight into in but it was worth the little wait.

I lowkey can’t rock with “Pop Style”. This man said “got so many chains they call me chaining Tatum.”… Done.

“With You” was the hottest PND/ Drake collab I’ve heard since “Over There”. I haven’t heard an artist work this well with Drake since The Weeknd back in the OVOXO days. It’s really astonishing to me how they can individually break up a track so precisely, but still have a molded end product. It’s like they’re driving with two steering wheels. That shit just caught me.

“Faithful”. I had to leave that one by itself. Off rip I hear the south in the first word on the song and the way Drake flows in the chorus is blissful. Now I told y’all about DVSN some months ago when we didn’t even know who they were. Not to say it was unremarkable but forget their album, this should be their official debut to the world.

“Feel No Ways” did something to the soul for me. This track sounds like the emotions being released out of a teenage boy in the 80s. That kick rewinds time with every beat and we know Drake has this thing of floating on the best of them.

Now let’s talk about this Dance Hall thing Drake is into right now. I honestly wonder what Caribbean person gave Drake the go ahead but it’s hot so I’ll take it. Even after all 20 tracks, “Controlla” and “One Dance” are still in my top 5. Those songs are just life and they will sure as hell make you feel like you’re in a movie. No shade but I feel Drake for taking Popcaan off of “Controlla”, he just had to let himself go on that one and the beat switch was crazy. I like the Caribbean influence he’s taking but of course some are better than others.

I don’t know if y’all recognize the sample in “Childs Play” but we definitely need to acknowledge the greatness of that twerking song right there. The original song stems straight from the south in New Orleans. Shoutout to all of the DJ’s, we need this one right here in rotation.

Lastly I just had to note that “Weston Road Flows” and “U With Me?” are Drake at his coldest. Like that “Closer to my Dreams” Drake; that poetic murderer of a beat.

With the way this man’s discography is starting to look, y’all might want to start saving up and cop those Summer Sixteen tickets.


By K. High


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