Tejai Moore has shown that he has a strong drive and passion for his craft and future. Singer-songwriter Tejai Moore has penned newest single of one of London, UK’s rising stars, Curtis Moore. Most may remember Curtis Moore from the hit TV show X-Factor. The single is called “Lipstick” (featuring Scorcher) and has impacted on major radio stations internationally. The record had reached #4 on the UK charts (Urban Top 30 category). Since then, Tejai has co-written a song for new Cash Money Records R&B artist Jacquees, entitled “One in A Million”, also has been granted official opportunities to song-write for Fifth Harmony and also Taylor Swift on unreleased records, Ronja Hilbig (of the European super-group Queensberry), Effie, Rough Copy, and many others worldwide all while simultaneously pursuing his career as an artist.

​Reflecting on the year 2016 going into 2017 and the rapid change of the world’s economies, Tejai Moore is destined to bring an equal change to R&B and Pop music in general. Tejai unveils “Classy Ratchet”, a new transitional record for the artist who is quickly becoming a household name. Listen to the new track above.

Like “Classy Ratchet”? Download your copy today via iTunes.


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