As fans are well aware of, It has been over 4 years since Frank Ocean‘s last album Channel Orange was released to great critical acclaim. Since then, his dedicated fanbase has endured their fair share of disappointment, as time and time again it seemed a new album had to be coming, but never appeared, all while Frank stayed out of the public eye. Most recently fans prepared for a July release, which Frank had hinted at through a Tumblr post. As the clock hit midnight last night and there was still no word from the elusive artist, fans wondered how much longer they would be waiting. Then, early in the morning, a mysterious video stream popped up on Frank’s website in which the apple music logo was visible. While the internet scrambled for what to make of it, the question still remained…where is the album?

Now we have the answer. The New York Times has just put out an article, reporting that Ocean will be releasing his new album Boys Don’t Cry via Apple Music this coming Friday, along with a “major video” and “print publication” to be distributed at Apple stores. You can view the full article from NYT HERE. Let’s pray this time is the real deal.



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